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A next step for the autonomous cars- Instincts are important to reproduce the perfection of a human race car driver

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Autonomous cars can help people to drive when necessary.

Whatch this TED talk where Chris Gerdes (Director, Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS)) reveals how he and his team are developing robotic race cars that can drive at 150 mph while avoiding every possible accident. And yet, in studying the brainwaves of professional racing drivers, Gerdes says he has gained a new appreciation for the instincts of professional drivers.

Instincts as well as common sense knowledge have always been the most difficult knowledge to capture by Artificial Intelligence. That has been the job of the team of  Cognitive Robots for over 20 years. The results are included in its Cognitive Brain for Service Robotics, which is able to capture commonsense knowledge by qualitative representation and reasoning.

Written by Teresa Escrig

July 13th, 2012 at 7:11 pm

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