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Bosch enters the “robo-mower” market, with the Indego

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Indego takes about 20 minutes to mow each 200 sq m – this is actually up to four times quicker than other robotic mowers, claims the company. Every 20 minutes the robotic mower needs to recharge the battery. It is able to find that charger on its own, and takes 90 minutes to fully recharge.

It mows in orderly sequential rows. By contrast, some other robotic mowers move more or less randomly all over the place, the idea being that they’ll eventually get the whole lawn done. It is also able to sense obstacles or “no-mow” surfaces such as gravel, and automatically figures out how to adjust its mowing pattern in order to avoid those. Certain other mowers must be programmed with the location of such areas, or require them to be cordoned off with wire.

So far, it appears that the mower is only available in Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia, although presumably a wider release is in the works. Its suggested retail price is 14,995 Krona (US$2,121).

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