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Intelligent goggles for partly-sighted people

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“Intelligent” goggles for partly-sighted people have been developed at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain. The system consists of a pair of stereoscopic digital cameras mounted on either side of a virtual reality headset, with two digital screens in front of the wearer’s eyes in place of lenses. The cameras scan the field of vision in front of the headset, convert it to digital code and then feed this to a separate computer package. The computer then runs an algorithm developed by the team, that determines the distance and outline of any objects seen. What the cameras scan is displayed on the headset’s screens and information about the objects is conveyed to the wearer by overlaying them with color-coded silhouettes.

“It detects objects and people who move within the visual field that a person with no visual pathologies would have,” said Professor Vergaz, leader of the research team who has developed the “intelligent” goggles. “Very often the patient does not detect them due to problems of contrast. The information regarding depth is what is most missed by patients who use this type of technical aid.”

By , May 30, 2012

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