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Investing in Service Robotics, a quickly growing industry

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Service Robotics is a quickly growing industry. Many new robotics companies are born every day. It will be the next revolution. If you want to know who the main players are and understand this arena a bit more, I recommend you read this incredibly well done piece of research about the robotics stock market by Frank Tobe, editor and publisher of The Robot Report, who is also an investor in the robotics area, therefore with personal experience and interest on it.

The future of robotics goes totally towards the incorporation of more intelligence.
Intelligence includes, among other things, perception (interpreting the environment and extracting the most relevant information from it), reasoning (inferring new knowledge from the one we perceive, i.e. if we know that A implies B, and B implies C, then we can infer that A implies C); learning (as many people have pointed out in this thread already); and decision making to implement solutions to particular applications (such as security, companion, tele-presence robots, autonomous scrubber machines, vacuum cleaners, etc).

At Cognitive Robots, we have developed the first embryonic brain called “Cognitive Brain for Service Robotics” -CR-B100-, which integrates all these four aspects, in a patent pending software.
We have tested the “brain” in several “bodies” with great results.

Please, check this post (http://wp.me/p2hKFw-8U) for more information.

We are actively looking for partnerships and investment capital to bring our company Cognitive Robots to the next level.
If you know some visionary mind with capital to invest, please, pass the person my email: mtescrig@c-robots.com

By Frank Tobe May 1, 2012.

“Pure play” is an investment term that refers to a company which is exclusively focused on a particular product or service. An investor buys stock in pure play companies in order to obtain a market share in the industry as well as in the company. Robotics, to many, are just a tool to accomplish business tasks in an efficient way. To me, making robots to achieve those goals is an industry in itself and deserving of consideration for investment because of good prospects for the future. Hence the need to find pure play companies in the industry.

For example, iRobot (IRBT:US) and KUKA (KU2:GR) are pure plays while Boeing (BA:US) and John Deere (DE:US) are not; yet all four companies are involved with robotics. In the case of Boeing and John Deere, robotics is not their primary business and represents just a tiny fraction of their operating profits. Boeing designs and manufactures UAV’s for defense agencies and John Deere produces a line of AGV’s including a new robotic lawn mower, and also provides autonomous navigation modules for tractors; but neither is truly a robotics company.

Consequently, if you believe that the robotics industry is ready for you to invest in, you wouldn’t purchase either Boeing or John Deere — they aren’t representative of the industry and their stocks move to the beat of a different drummer than robotics. Instead, you would pick from a list of pure play robotic stocks (if such a list existed).

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July 2nd, 2012 at 5:32 am

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