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New Applications for Mobile Robots

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This article explores the potential for autonomous robots.  Manufacturing arm manipulator robots, which have been successfully incorporated by industry for the last century, repeat actions and do not adapt to environmental changes. Autonomous robots, need to include a higher level of intelligence, to be able to interact with humans in changing environments, where uncertainty exists. Most of the current autonomous applications, still do not incorporate this existing and available technology. The following is an excellent article that reviews the most important current applications for autonomous robots. Enjoy!

by Bennett Brumson , Contributing Editor
Robotic Industries Association
Posted 04/05/2012

Mobility promises to be the next frontier in flexible robotics. While fixed robots will always have a place in manufacturing, augmenting traditional robots with mobile robots promises additional flexibility to end-users in new applications. These applications include medical and surgical uses, personal assistance, security, warehouse and distribution applications, as well as ocean and space exploration.

Read more: http://www.robotics.org/content-detail.cfm/Industrial-Robotics-Feature-Article/New-Applications-for-Mobile-Robots/content_id/3362

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