After working for over a year in the organization of this project, I am proud to announce Qualitative Artificial Intelligence’s (QAI) participation in a project that is especially touching for me: Autonomous Fire Fighting Aircrafts (AFFAs).

The number of wild fires has increased exponentially in the last several years, especially this year here in the Western United States, and the technology is ready to help mitigate the problem.

Here’s how it works: A fleet of autonomous electric aircraft (AFFA) will be transported by truck to the fire. The necessary water or retardant will also be transported in trucks to the site. The AFFA will work as a team and be interactively monitored by the incident commander through their Smart Pad. Each AFFA will be capable of carrying water/retardant, flying for 15-20 minutes, collecting data, return to the trucks position to recharge batteries, load retardant, and repeat the process.


The biggest benefit to firefighting is that this all happens autonomously, day and night, in adverse weather conditions and very close to the fire without putting lives at risk.  It provides accurate data of the position of the fire, weather and critical infrastructure to protect, which will feed fire models for improvement of future operations.

We have created an Indiegogo project to fund the development of 3 electric prototype aircraft at half scale with complete autonomous control. Quicksilver Industries will develop the aircraft with folding wings so they may be transported on trucks; US Aeronautics Inc. will provide the hybrid aircraft propulsion system; and Qualitative Artificial Intelligence (QAI) will provide the Autonomous and Intelligent Control system and analytics.

Please, consider contributing to our Indiegogo campaign according to your interest and possibilities, and most important, share this information with your contacts who might be interested. Lets stop the wild fires!