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Teresa was invited to speak at TEDx in Tacoma, Washington in May 2014. Her topic – “Is There a Service Robot in Your Future?”

What if ‘service robots’ which after all are designed to “serve us”, really did, and the mundane repetitive chores that consume so much of our daily lives were turned over to autonomous helpers? Why? The answer is easy, hopeful and altruistic. In the course of our young lives, we naturally discover passion and talent, areas that interest, engage and fascinate us. Unfortunately for many of us those early dreams recede into distant memory, as we all too soon seek to make our way in the world. We have obligations and families. Long forgotten dreams turn into regret. We find ourselves saying, “I just want some time for myself.”

Now imagine that you had a “service robot” to help you do your daily chores.

What would you love to do? Take a class, paint, travel, learn a musical instrument, write, create, build….?



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December 19th, 2013 at 7:18 pm

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