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Thymio II, a new educational robot with a non-standard language programming


Very nice promotional video of Thymio II, the new educational robotic platform from the Swiss research institute EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne/Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).

Thymio II is a new educational robot designed by Swiss research institute EPFLThymio II is available now, at a price of 99 Swiss francs (US$106).

Wheels can  be connected to user-supplied moving parts such as arms, propellers, winches, or just about anything else.

It also features a microphone and speaker, a 3-axis accelerometer, five proximity sensors, two ground sensors, a temperature sensor, and 39 LEDs which allow its body to illuminate in different colors.

It can accept programming via a USB connection (which is also used to charge its lithium-polymer battery) or a memory card slot. Programming is created using EPFL’s robotics-specific ASEBA language. This is a drawback considering the robotic community efforts for standardization with the Robotics Operating System (ROS).

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  1. Hi Teresa,
    Nice video – very upbeat, lively. Some of these ideas are parallel to what we’ve discussed, but this is still trying to be a very ‘cute’ concept.
    More later – let’s plan to speak soon.
    Best, Jon

    Jon Otis

    26 Sep 12 at 6:46 pm

  2. You mention the ASEBA language as a drawback in respect to ROS. ASEBA is connected to ROS. An exemple of Thymio II controlled by ROS is under http://ros.org/wiki/thymio_navigation_driver
    Moreover ASEBA Studio provides a graphic programming environment… we heard about 3 years old kids programming 🙂
    Best, Francesco

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